Clarity Research provides a vast array of analytical capabilities including those listed here.

Adaptive Conjoint Analysis

We conduct product and service design studies using Sawtooth's ACA software on our hand-held, pen-based computers. Respondents can move around to view stimuli (e.g., getting in and out of vehicles) while completing the interview. Along with an in-depth analysis, a market simulator is available for generating "what-if" scenarios.

Full Profile Conjoint Analysis

We conduct full profile conjoint studies online, using our hand-held computers or with paper and pencil. This technique is useful for component pricing studies such as vehicle option packages or cellular phone communication features. A market simulator can also be provided as a deliverable with this technique.

Discrete Choice (Choice-Based Conjoint) Analysis

We conduct more discrete choice studies than any other form of conjoint design. We use it for pricing research, and for product and service development. As with the other forms of conjoint, one deliverable is a market simulator.

Best-Worst (MaxDiff) Analysis

Best-worst analysis is a very useful tool for online and clinic-based research where interviews are conducted via computer. Its primary purpose is the measurement of preference or importance of multiple items such as brands, product features, purchase processes, information sources, etc. The technique can be understood as a more sophisticated version of "method of paired comparisons" (MPC), performing at least as well as MPC, especially in terms of predictive accuracy, while taking far less time and effort for respondents to accomplish.

Multivariate Analysis

Factor analysis
Cluster analysis
Discriminant analysis
Multidimensional scaling

Perceptual Mapping

Discriminant vector maps
MDS vector maps
Correspondence maps
Quadrant charts