In addition to static automobile clinics, Clarity Research has designed and executed many drive studies as well.

Open Course Drive Clinics

While we don't often recommend conducting drive clinics on open roads, some of our clients prefer to execute their projects that way. We are expert at designing safe, controlled environments, and mitigating the impact of uncontrolled aspects of the drive such as changing traffic conditions and stoplights. Our interviewers are highly experienced, well-trained and flexible.

Closed Course Drive Clinics

Although clients often-times prefer the "realism" of an open-road drive course, the fact of the matter is that closed courses are safer and almost always produce higher quality data than an equivalent on-road study design. A closed-course design can be controlled so that all drivers experience the exact same driving conditions across all drive vehicles. Think about asking respondents to accelerate to freeway speeds during rush hour and comparing those responses to someone who has driven the vehicles during off-peak times. There are many other factors that negatively affect drive data on open courses as well. We have designed and executed dynamic research studies to meet clients' research needs for many years on closed courses. Courses have included stadium parking lots, NASCAR tracks, road race courses, skid pads, drag strips, blocked off sections of public roadways and more.

Motorcycle Ride Clinics

We have even conducted ride clinics on closed courses for both motorcycle and scooter research. Our relationship with members of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has allowed us to utilize their unique expertise to design and conduct ride studies even with inexperienced riders.