Clarity Research conducts standard large and small scale mail and phone studies. We also host online surveys and conduct a wide range of product clinics and event-based surveys. Click on an item below to learn more.

Product Clinics

We conduct product clinics for durable goods such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, utility vehicles, automobiles, lawn and garden tractors and household appliances. We do this throughout the United States and other countries as well. Studies focus on various aspects of product research including concept evaluation, consumer design preferences, strengths, weaknesses, image, pricing and volume assessment. Data are collected via respondent-administered, hand-held computers.

Dynamic Product Clinics

Dynamic clinics are sometimes referred to as "drive studies". We generally conducts projects of this type on closed courses such as stadium parking lots or race tracks. We also have extensive experience conducting these projects on public roads as well. Drive studies get at vehicles characteristics that simply cannot be measured in a static setting. We have conducted many drives studies for assessing automobile characteristics, but we also have experience with conducting ride studies among motorcycle and scooter owners.

Event-Based Surveys

Clarity Research has conducted a wide array of event-based research studies including auto shows, motorcycle shows, ATV and side-by-side UTV shows across the country. We have also conducted surveys at many of the largest racetracks in the United States including Infineon, Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta and Daytona among many others.

Online Ad-Hoc Surveys

Clarity Research designs, programs and hosts all of our online surveys. We can smoothly integrate conjoint designs of any type, as well as MaxDiff exercises, display concepts and more.

Online Panels

Clarity Research can create and host an online customer panel to allow you to quickly and inexpensively conduct brief surveys with your client base.


A cost-effective subscription-based research service that provides you with the opportunity to create high quality, customized online surveys for your customer base.

Focus Groups

There are many good focus group moderators in the business, but it isn't always so easy to find a moderator who truly understands the powersports and automotive industries. Our moderators are enthusiasts who "talk the talk" when it comes to getting the most from a group of sportbike or supercar owners. It's what we do, and we communicate well with owners in these product categories.

Mail Surveys

Mail surveys continue to be an important method of data collection in our industry, and we do a lot of mail surveys. We can quickly and efficiently handle 100,000+ mailouts just as easily as mailouts of a few hundred.

Phone Surveys

We can handle small or large phone studies targeting broad-based and hard-to-find automotive and powersports owners.