Clarity Research has extensive expertise in conducting a wide array of product research clinics. It is what we specialize in and we are very good at it.

Automotive Clinics

The two principals of Clarity Research have conducted over 200 car clinics in the United States, plus a small handful in Europe and Latin America. Some highlights of these projects include...

• Very large studies with 90+ cars in one case and 60+ cars in another. Many, many projects with more than 20 vehicles.

• Clinics with large sample sizes of 500 or more respondents, some exceeding 1,000 respondents. Two separate projects included 6-cities and 5,000 respondents.

• Over 100 clinics with high-security, prototype vehicles.

• Since 1992, nearly every clinic we have conducted has been with hand-held, touch-screen computers; from Grid-Pads to iPads. This allows us to integrate complex questionnaire designs such as choice-based conjoint and MaxDiff exercises, pricing research, block randomization, media integration, focus group respondent qualification and much more.

• We handle every aspect of research design, execution and analysis for these projects.


Powersports Clinics

While automotive research makes up about half of our business, powersports research makes up the other half. We conduct motorcycle clinics as often as car clinics. We also regularly conduct ATV and personal watercraft clinics. The biggest emerging market in the powersports industry is the side-by-side utility vehicle segment, and we do many clinics for these products.

Identifying and recruiting a sample of powersports product owners and intenders is much more difficult than finding automobile owners, particularly in privacy states such as California, or in states that may not require off-road vehicles to be registered, such as Florida. We have tremendous experience at efficiently finding and recruiting these people for our clinics.


Other Product Research Clinics

We have leveraged our clinic expertise to conduct product clinics in other fields as well: durable goods such as refrigerators, diswashers. washers and dryers; boats and even riding lawnmowers and garden tractors.